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Codys blog #3

This week I participated in the first interview where I was asking the questions and I will be helping write an article about the interviewees soon! Jerry and Shelly Gray own a ranch about a mile north of North Powder with a beautiful veiw of the Elkhorn Mountains. They coordinate a ranch where everyone in the family has their own specialty, except for Jerry who oversees the whole operation. Their home was very welcoming, and I enjoyed listening to them talk about how work is fun when you're working with the people that you care about. They explained how ranching is a lifestyle choice and how the long and unexpected working hours can be hard to adjust too. I found it very interesting when they explained how Elk are more of a problem than Cougars, and I also felt sad when they explained how Elk can get caught in the fences and die. The Grays put an emphasis on water usage as mentioned how they try to make every drop count by using pivots, and having a crop plan for the next year. The most interesting part of the interview was when Jerry said the two most important things are schools/kids and water. Overall, it was a great first interview for myself and I'm glad Anna got me involved!

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