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Working with the PBWC! Blog Post 1

For the past couple of weeks now, I've had the opportunity to work with the PBWC on some really facinating projects. I must say, I have learned so much while working with them. Besides the projects, I now have the experience of what it is like to work at an

actual job.

All together, Cody and I have been working on the 2016 spring river clean up. We've had to register with SOLVE, make and distribute posters, update all the social media, create surveys and find numerous ways to get people from the community involved. Working on these projects has made me realize that the more effort I put into a project, the more the results are going to come out great.

This next week, I hope to get many more things accomplished. The River Clean up especially.

To see more updates about the PBWC please check out our facebook page at

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