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Dorothy is wonderful. She has hiked the Elkhorn Crest Trail from Marble Creek to Anthony Lakes twice, and climbed Elkhorn Peak five times. She has volunteered countless number of hours throughout her entire life to many organizations. She has been a member of the Philanthropic Education Organization and an Education Committee Chair for eighteen years. Somehow she also manages to find time to coordinate the Baker Outdoor School and Ladd Marsh Bird Festival youth activities while also serving as a board member for the Powder Basin Watershed Council. Dorothy is the epitome of a community servant.


After earning a degree from the University of Nevada Reno in Wildlife, Recreation, and Range Management, she has lived her life working to better the world. With her education in Natural Resources and a love of the outdoors, she worked for the Bureau of Land Management for 38 years as a manager, wildlife biologist, range conservationist, recreation planner, wild horse and burro specialist to name a few, and has lived just outside of Baker for 26 years with her husband Bob. After raising their two children through the public school programs, Dorothy retired and seized it as an opportunity to give back to her community. 


It’s no surprise that Dorothy provides a perspective to the Board that is

not only valuable, but also necessary. She's a mother, volunteer, educator, role model, conservationist, and professional; she is knowledgeable and she is always kind and friendly. Her attitude towards life embodies the deeper purpose of organizations like the Powder Basin Watershed Council-- when she reflects upon the vigorous hikes to the Elkhorn Peaks she explains, “I value the opportunity to do this whenever I can. I love looking forward as far as you can see at the land and the open space and hoping that future generations can enjoy this same peaceful feeling.”

Dorothy’s goals for the Watershed Council include to become more involved in the School District. There have been many opportunities throughout the year to participate and lead school activities, such as the field trips for the Baker Summer School program. Dorothy hopes to continue these partnerships with educational institutions and further other natural resource programs in the area. Additionally, Dorothy says she would like to "become an integral part of County business" because, “Many people have outdoor activities in their life, for both business and pleasure. There are so many [people] that participate in public meetings. Education is an important part of this, and the PBWC greatly assist with this.” 

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