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The Holidays are behind us, and winter is upon us, so what better time to liven things up and talk about our plans for the upcoming year!


We have plenty to share with you about our plans for 2023 and we would like to hear about your plans, ideas, etc. So come join us virtually to talk all things watershed. We would also like to hear your thoughts and suggestions about current issues and opportunities for the community to come together around some actions for the future, considering that the health of our communities here in Baker County are truly directly tied to the health of our natural resources.


Please join us virtually on Zoom Meeting on February 1st at 4:00 p.m. Give us a shout and we can email you the link to the meeting; or 541-523-7288.


We are also planning several speakers in 2023 on topics I’m sure you’ll be interested in. We’re currently working out the schedule so stay-tuned.


Powder River Fish Habitat_photo for arti

Take a virtual tour of the

Powder River Watershed


Angling Assistance by Chris Collins Baker City Herald

July 17, 2019


Casting a line in the Powder River closer to home and reeling in fish for dinner could become a reality if the Powder Basin Watershed Council has its way.

If the dream comes true, Baker City residents might just find themselves walking down to the riverside rather than driving to more distant fishing holes to bring home enough trout for a fish fry... 

Click here to read about the collaborative effort that PBWC is involved in working to conserve sage-grouse in Baker County.
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