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Some may know Andrew as the District Manager of the Powder Valley Water Control District in North Powder, where he lives with his wife, Janelle, but to the Council, Andrew provides a perspective that is both thoughtful and unique.


Water issues have been a part of Andrew’s life since the very beginning, being raised on a farm in Eastern Oregon and throughout his career. After receiving  his degree from Oregon State University in Agricultural Sciences and a minor in Crop Production, Andrew took over the position as PVWCD District Manager from his brother, who had previously taken over the position from their father.

Recognizing a need to take care of the watershed and for agricultural representation within the Council, Andrew joined the PBWC Board of Directors in February 2016. Although he is very busy during irrigation season, he attends monthly meetings and offers the Council insight into a very important part of the agricultural community. He understands the necessity to find common solutions that work for everyone, stating “We live on a beautiful side of the state and we need to take care of it—we need to do it in a way that benefits everyone.”



When asked about the future of the watershed he explained that he hopes that one day he can provide for his family what his father provided for him: a little swath of land here in Eastern Oregon and the ability to grow up on a farm and learn how to work. For this, Andrew is grateful to his father “because now we have a fancy piece of paper, but also some common sense”- a goal any Eastern Oregonian can get behind. Recently, Andrew has announced to the Council of his resignation to seek big opportunities on the horizon.


During an interview Andrew expressed a deep satisfaction with farming saying, “I love farming- I miss it. I just like watching crops grow.” He is excited to return to it as an occupation in the near future. He hopes that the Council can continue to get projects on the ground and work with local landowners to develop stronger relationships with each other. He believes that if different interests can find common ground, everybody can find a way to be happy. “We all have to work together so we can keep what we have.”The Council is sad to see him go, but wishes him and his wife well in their endeavors. We have no doubt they will be successful on their new journey. 


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